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genital dryness due to hormones, medication, or anxiety.

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genital dryness due to hormones, medication, or anxiety.

Whenever intercourse is painful during penetration, it might signify you’re not adequately lubricated. Dampness is key and without one, penetrative sex may cause friction that leads to micro-tears and discomfort. The tissue that is vulvar already delicate, but genital dryness may cause lots of discomfort during penetration. Vaginal dryness might be due to a noticeable modification or suppression of hormones, Chavez claims, that may take place during pregnancy, menopause, or an individual continues on birth prevention. Stress may also change the human body’s chemistry, Chavez claims, and lead to a loss in dampness.

“Medications, such as for example antidepressants and antihistamines like Benadryl, may also cause dryness that is vaginal influence libido,” Minkin claims. You should talk to your...

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