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IN THE ANNOUNCEMENT: STUDENTS FIND IT HARD TO REPAY SO TO SPEAK I came across story on WalletPop in their Funds College portion by a recently available college scholar. Pop about there and read their student loan account and make sure you are sitting down when you do:

You student’s giving up battle with non-public student loans

Those student education loans are an interesting idea. Here’s the rationalization which sucks in many college students:

  1. You don’t have to pay out them back until you graduate.
  2. The interest rates are usually less than regular money.
  3. Once you masteral, there’s a sophistication period (allowing you enough time to get a job).
  4. Almost EVERY college has some kind student loan personal debt.
  5. If you can’t pay it back, you can always seek bankruptcy relief.
  6. They enable you to consolidate which means that your payments might be affordable.

All of those phrases have some simple fact in them to some degree. However , it is most important every college-bound pupil understand those truths:

  1. The interest usually accrues although you are in school (unless 2 weeks . subsidized loan).
  2. Private financial loan rates happen to be higher than federal student loan fees.
  3. Going into massive debt a great education is a BAD strategy.
  4. Many so to speak . are not forgivable in personal bankruptcy.
  5. That favor period creeps up on your individual FAST!
  6. You do not land employment that will pay for enough to build those per month student loan bills.

Fathers and mothers please...

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